Thursday, June 21, 2012

When I grow up...

Ugh, these were taken when my phone decided to reset itself to the lowest quality, lowest resolution, smallest sized pictures it will take...

For the longest time J was going to be a tow truck driver when she grew up. And she'd be a mechanic too. Those two things seem to go together. Not like her 4 year old mommy's plans. I was going to be a dentist and a ballerina and a swimming instructor in my spare time. Because you know, none of those jobs is particularly time consuming. I believe I was also going to be a mommy.

Last week J had to accompany me to the dentist. I try to schedule my appointments so that I can go alone. Then I don't need to worry about what J is or isn't doing, but this appointment was rescheduled a few times, so I just brought her along.

Well, first she sobbed because we had to take her out of the dentist's chair because it wasn't her turn to get her teeth cleaned. The hygienist said she'd never seen that's usually the other way around. The hygienist was great with J. She showed her how the suction worked in a cup of water and J assisted her while I had my teeth cleaned. I hope she's as excited to be there when it really is her turn!

And now? Well, she doesn't want to drive a two truck or be a mechanic. She wants to be a dentist!

first you pull up like this
First you pull up like this

then you stick it in mommy's mouth

Then you stick it in mommy's mouth

watch out i'll get you
Watch out! I'll get you and make your teeth clean

then you put it away again

Then you put it away again


  1. that's awesome she wasn't scared!

  2. she's not scared at all - she's had her teeth checked twice before and she watched very closely when I had mine cleaned, so hopefully this attitude will continue...I was never scared of the dentist. I think it's a hassle, but it's not scary (I never had anything major done until I was in my 20s, so that could have something to do with it too)