Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little Fish

2. Enroll J in swimming lessons before she turns 3

Not only did we do this, she's taken swimming lessons since then too. But nothing compared to the first time, when she was able to go primarily with Alex. I went in the water a few times when he couldn't come, but this was their Saturday morning time together...

ooh it's cold

The water always started out a little cold, but J quickly figured out that if she snuggled close to her "helper" and squirmed, she would warm up. Not the most comfortable for her "helper," but it works.


J loved the floating toys and loved the game her class played at the end - the teacher scattered the toys and the parents helped the kids get them. J would have liked to have all of the toys, but we had to share....


This girl and her daddy had fun. Once this set of lessons was done, J moved on to lessons on her own...that was a challenge for everyone...a couple of times I had to get in the water and "participate," but not hold J...more lessons and more pool time should help this work itself out!

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