Friday, March 31, 2006


and while my desk is still drowning in paper, I'm not anymore!
I even get to start shredding stuff.
This has been the week that felt like it was three weeks long. I'm so glad March-Madness Syndrome is over (that's the best name ever for it Fiona!) and I just hope that it does lead into April Agony...I actually think it will lead into April Ataraxia. I like that word. It's cool.

Reasons why April won't be Agony (not in chronological order)
1. in the words of my very intelligent sister: punk come to vangroovy (I think she sounds like she's imitating a muppet...Elmo or Animal or someone...)
2. punk come to vangroovy to celebrate her champagne birthday (and Kelsey's too)
3. easter
4. road trip to Kelowna with Kelsey and Alex
5. cherry blossoms at UBC
6. Champagne Birthday Party for Kelsey and Rebecca
7. we're going to a wedding
8. dessert with the Mulvis tonight...okay, so not officially April, but it still counts cause it's Friday and tomorrow is April
9. April Fools

YAY! lots of reasons why April is good.

Although I am somewhat distressed that I lose an hour of sleep (well, really an hour of awake time because I will still sleep for eight hours) when the time changes.

Oh and Stephen Harper. I saw the pictures yesterday of Mr. Harper with Vincente Fox and scary George W. and I wondered who thought it would be fun to dress him for combat at a Mayan pyramid when President Fox and George W. both were dressed in cool looking, natural fibre. Sure, they are both from down there where it's warm and yes, they look like semi-clones of each other, but hey, they look comfortable. Anyway, that's where my train of thought stopped. I mean, why give Mr. Harper and George W. too much of my brain time anyway? So I forgot about it. Until this morning. When, what did I see at the top of the Globe and Mail page, but Leah McLaren asking, "Stephen, what the heck are you wearing?" Yes, she too thought he needed a little help dressing himself. I particularly love the comparison to the Canadian Tire Guy. So, not only is Leah McLaren, one of the must-read columnists in the weekend Globe and Mail, super cool, she probably also agrees with me that a three year old could dress himself better than the man who runs our country. HE.RUNS.OUR.COUNTRY. Now there's frightening thought for a Friday.

Paper is calling...must deal with it!


  1. oh crazy kid!

  2. hey! mocky-mcmockerson! it's friday! my defense, i was trying to avoid the black banana that was oh-so-thoughtfully left on my desk. i can't decided if that's better or worse than the dirty tupperware that sometimes greets me in the mornings. and don't even get me started on what i find in the bathroom sometimes.

    and...i'm sleepy. and i'd be in vancouver RIGHT NOW than here at work.

  3. make that "i'd rather BE in vancouver".

    geez, i can't handle today. i already tried to mail the bill of lading INSIDE the puroletter instead of what was actually being sent.

  4. awww...poor punk!

    i'm confused about why nasty black banana presents make you sound like a muppet, but every time you tell me one of those stories, even working in the dungeon for the crazy lady seems better than nasty bathrooms and gross tupperware.

  5. bananas are stinky, too. did i mention the kind offer i had of getting to EAT the banana?

    in any case, it was just one more thing to make me wish the day was over already and forget to spell check before posting. (as you can tell, this is something i continue to do!)

    and yes, i DO need a new job.

    p.s. most of the things i have to type in order to post these comments make me laugh. a lot. i get weird looks sometimes. hahaha.

  6. by the way, part of me feels super fun and important that i am (part of) three reasons why april won't suck! HOORAH!
    (even if you kinda do have the birthday party on there twice.

  7. oh no...the birthday party is only there once. the other reference is to you coming to vancouver!!

    ps the sun is shining!!