Thursday, August 05, 2010

Food. Dinner. Weeknights. Working Mom.

It all goes together. We need to eat. We eat dinner every night. I work. Weeknights suck.

But I'm trying to change that. I've got a binder that we keep in our kitchen that is supposed to keep us on track. And it's kind of working. It would work better if I were not so sleep deprived.

But we're trying new recipes. The idea being quick and tasty are important. Make ahead is good too. We're relying a lot on Canadian Living, Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver and Bonnie Stern for inspiration. And my collection of other cook books.


This week I made Martha Stewart's Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Herbed Couscous.

chicken breasts stuffed with herbed couscous
I prefer basil to mint, so I substituted. I also forgot to buy pine nuts (even though they were on the list) so I used cashews (because I bought WAY TOO MANY) instead. It was yummy. Definitely something we'll make again. (I also need a bigger frying pan. I had to use two because mine are pathetic)

chicken breasts stuffed with herbed couscous
Don't you love my picture. Yuck. I used my phone because I'm lazy and have needed to clear the memory cards for the real camera for quite some time. AND Alex didn't have dinner with us, so this is my plate, after I've mutilated my chicken so that J could share my dinner.

Next time...yes, there will be a next time...I would probably make half the recipe. It's too big, even if Alex ate with us, for us and I'm not so keen on reheating stuffed poultry. I'd also cut the chicken breasts in half so that there were four pieces. Because I really found these chicken breasts to be HUGE! And I'd make this couscous, just to have couscous, but with chicken broth not water if it's on its own. J love the special yellow "rice".

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