Monday, August 09, 2010

Lola Fiona Jessica Tinkerbell Lynons

And the lesson from squirt is: It's sometimes good to change your name. (and no, there is no spelling mistake in the title of this post)

My kid announced at dinner last night that her name is Lola Fiona Jessica Tinkerbell. She will not answer to her real name. She will only answer to Fiona, Jessica, Tinkerbell or a combination IF they are preceded by Lola. We know where she got Fiona, Jessica and Tinkerbell from. No idea where she got Lola (but it's cute!).

Of course it was more like this:

Me: J would you like a popsicle?
J: NO! Lola Noah Caca.
Me: Oh, is your name Lola Fiona Jessica?
J: NO! Lola Noah Caca Tinkybewl
Me: Okay. Lola Fiona Jessica Tinkerbell would you like a popsicle?
J: Peeeze. Yup.
Me: What colour?
J: Black. No orangie. NO PUPPLE! Greena. Greena popsicle.
Me: Okay.

I go away and get a green popsicle

Me: Here's your popsicle little girl. What's your name?
J: Lola Noah Caca Tinkybewl LYNONS. Lola Lynons.

For the rest of the evening if I forgot:

J: NO! MOMMY! Lola Lynons. LOLA!

I thought she might forget by this morning, but when I went in to wake her up at 7:00, a still half asleep little voice muttered NO! Lola! when I said it was time for J to get up.

So Lola it is. For now.

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