Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sleep deprivation, merging laundry piles and clean kitchen bliss

My kid. She hasn't been sleeping. We even visited the very nice emergency room doctor the other night in an attempt to see why she isn't sleeping. We thought maybe ear infection. Last time she had an ear infection, she didn't complain until AFTER it ruptured her ear drum. YUCK.

So a kid complaining of pain is new and very concerning to us.

Diagnosis: She's two.

She spent the time we were at the hospital charging up and down the hallways and squealing and behaving like it was 2:00 pm NOT 10:45 pm.

After we left the hospital we drove around until she fell almost midnight.

It's been like that for days.

The piles of laundry in the bedroom weren't going anywhere...they were just merging into one big pile of cloth. And sooner or later that just means more work for me because I can't tell where clean ends and dirty starts which means it's all dirty and yay. Laundry. Blah.

The kitchen was a disaster. I think every pot and pan in the house was on the counter. The bathrooms were started. Which means I'd clean a sink or counter or toilet and then my sleep deprived brain would say "Good. All done." and forget that there is more to a bathroom than just a sink or toilet or counter.

But last night the kid was asleep by 8:45. Tonight I think it was earlier. And I credit the timer. We set a timer for lots of things. When it goes off it's time to clean up or eat dinner or go out or something. At night it's time to get out of the bath tub. Last night it went a bit further. It rang and it meant time for pjs on and teeth brushed. Then it rang again and it was time for Mommy to go do the dishes.

Tonight. BRAINWAVE. It got "set" again and Mommy went to do the dishes. She'd be back when it went off again. It didn't go off, but there was no crying and lots of sleeping. YAY! Our lives will hopefully slowly put themselves back together again!

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  1. What a good idea! Sleep battles are no fun what so ever. I have also had good luck with a homeopathic called Quietude that is great for helping sleep.