Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Understanding privacy and private time

We have been working on privacy and private times and knocking on closed doors and waiting for an answer with J. Apparently she has learned a little too well.

This morning she locked me on the balcony and when I told her to go get Daddy, she did. She stood patiently at the bedroom door and banged away. When she finally looked at me, I motioned for her to go in and apparently she did the same thing on the bathroom door.

She opened the bathroom door once and said no no no and Alex asked her to wait because he was having a private time. So she closed the door, but she kept knocking.

Finally Alex wondered what all the noice was about (I was also banging on the sliding door) and why I was letting J pummel the doors and he came out...10 minutes locked on the balcony...what a way to start the morning!

Lesson learned: J understands private time. She can also lock the sliding door. I will not be going on the balcony when J is around without propping it open from now on!

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