Friday, November 17, 2006

patience and loneliness

This soft, shiny wool has been sitting in my living room, calling me to it all week, but I've avoided the temptation to create a warm nest of blankets and pillows and tea made with water boiled for a long time and wool and never leave the warm, dry house again.

shiny woolBut at work we have a water cooler. So we don't have to boil the water. We can just drink it straight from the cooler.

I'm patiently waiting for the weekend and the creation of my little knitting nest so I can work with that pretty shiny wool and make even more itty bitty, teensy tiny, cute hats.

Last night was I walked across campus to my class from the SUB, I looked over and saw Gage Towers (yes, that is Gage Towers) all lit up and thought for some reason that it looked SO LONELY...maybe the streaks are what it would look like if you were lonely too? I don't just seemed lonely to me. I don't remember being lonely when I lived there, but last night, it was a lonely place.

lonely gage towers

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