Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The pineapple express doesn't bring PINEAPPLE :(

where's the water?There is a problem with this picture...

That tap is in the ON position and there is NO water coming out of the faucet. Alex discovered we had no water last night when he was getting ready for bed. As I would be more than content if I could go to bed at 8:30 pm, I was already in bed but very aware of some kind of chaos on the street. Which I ignored. Until Alex came in to say we have NO water.

Then I looked outside and the end of the street was all lit up and there was a fire truck sitting outside our house.

utility truckbig truck (but not the fire truck) right in front of the house

About ten minutes after I got up this morning, after not sleeping much due to all the noise outside, there was a loud pounding on our door. The nice man from the city was there to let us know it would likely be at least 2:00 pm before we get our water back...Our street is closed and since it got light out, the number of utility trucks has doubled. I can hear one of the guys singing to himself. The office is the perfect vantage point to see lots of workers in yellow slickers and lots of city vehicles, but not much else...

fixing the water mainview from the office

The rain is coming down in sheets and I just talked to our landlay K. She figured she could just go stand in the downpour and wash her face that way. I think there is going to be a long line up at the local Seattle-based, soccer-mom, mega-coffee shop so that people can get their morning coffee and use the facilities!

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