Sunday, March 04, 2007

Belize bound?

My parents just came back from two weeks in Belize with a short side trip to postcards yet, they seem to be lost in the mail abyss...or maybe the new security measures in the transfer point country have delayed it...

They left humid, warm Belize (a nice 96F when they left) and arrived in a Vancouver that woke up to snow a few times this week and was hanging around the freezing about a shock to the system.

Yesterday Rebecca got up bright and early to catch the 7:00 ferry from Vancouver Island and met us at Griffins in the Hotel Vancouver for brunch.

breakfast at griffins
This has become a bit of a tradition - before my Mom and Dad jump on the plane to be world travellers they have a meal with family and on the way back to reality they have another meal with (sometimes different members of the) family...I like it...It's a nice send off and it's a great way to hear all the highlights of their trips...

Good thing they don't go away very often, weekend brunch could be dangerous more often!!

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