Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One year, three hundred and thirty-one posts...

and people are still reading this??!?!?! and I'm still updating this?!!?!?!

It's been a year since I was apparently bored beyond boredom and Heddy decided to introduce me to blogging. This is post 331, so I guess my thought that this might not last was WRONG! That's almost, but not quite one post a day (0.91 to be exact)...not bad considering in those 365 days I spent a night in the hospital, a number of days in k-town, Cobble Hill, and Victoria without a computer, my computer died and was resurrected a number of times, I went to Girl Guide camp, and I was forbidden to use the computer during the early days of my recovery. Or maybe that is bad...maybe I shouldn't be telling the world so much about my life...sorry if my boredom remedy is in turn boring!

I'm not entirely sure why I was so bored. I'm deep into the paper demons I whined about last year again this week...year end is so much fun. Anyway, I think I wasn't bored as in "There's nothing to do, so I'm bored," but more likely I was bored as in "I've been doing the same thing for days on end and there's no end in sight and the elves keep breeding paper overnight and it has totally taken over my life and I'm sick of it. So because I'm sick of it, I must be bored."

So, to combat my boredom (which really means, to give me something to do that wasn't PAPERWORK) and to help me learn some basic html so that when the PAPERWORK went away I could concentrate on building a website for our department, Heddy convinced me to start a blog.

Apparently I can focus on something for longer than two nanoseconds, because here I am a year later, still updating my blog...It's interesting, as I go back and read what I wrote because I discover some things I'd totally forgotten about, some things I wish I could forget about, and some things I never want to forget.

I was never good at keeping a diary as a kid...I'd do well for a few days, or even weeks as I got a bit older, and then I'd get bored and the pages would read fun stuff like:

Monday, April 10, 1989
Today I went to school. It was boring.

Tuesday, April 11, 1989
Today I went to school. I don't like my sisters.

Wednesday, April 12, 1989
Today I went to school. Tonight was Guides. It was fun.

psst...do you think, just maybe, I was in school in 1989???

Thursday, April 13, 1989
Today I went to piano. Mr. Welsh says I'm almost ready for Kiwanis.

Friday, April 14, 1989
Today I had to take the bus to school. YUCK. Fiona is spending the night.

Saturday, April 15, 1989
I don't like Fiona. She's mean.

Sunday, April 16, 1989
Today I did my science homework and we had roast beef for dinner.

Monday, April 17, 1989
Fiona ignored me today.

Tuesday, April 18, 1989
Today I went to school. It was boring. I'm going to spend Saturday night at Fiona's.

And the three sentence diary entries would continue for a few weeks and then there'd be nothing. Not that the entries tell anyone much...why didn't I like Fiona? What did she do that was mean? What did I do to deserve the silent treatment (and I'm CERTAIN I deserved it!)? What made us decide to be friends again on Tuesday?

For the record, these diary entries are fake. The real diaries are in the basement and the basement is a scary place. Also for the record, Fiona and I often hated each other after we had a sleepover, but it was most often forgotten within days if not hours. Something to do with not enough sleep usually...Sometimes we'd hate each other and fight all day on Saturday and then ask our completely baffled parents if the sleepoveree could spend the night for a second night...go figure! But we must have done something right, because after all those years and all those sleepovers, we're still friends...

Anyway, I have managed to be more consistent with my "diary keeping" since I start the blog...I don't necessarily write every day, but I do a fairly good job of writing often!

On my blog you can learn all kinds of things about me:
Okay, that's all...I could be here for a long time and you don't want that!

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