Friday, March 16, 2007


The world is coming alive again...I LOVE IT!

The plants on campus are turning green and producing flowers...

rebirth on campus
rebirth on campus
And the deck is coming back to life (yeah, yeah, very blurry...partly because I obviously have an unsteady hand and partly because the deck is super slippery right now...scarily so. When is the rain going to go away?!)


one day we'll be pinkgeeze I'm a blurry plant...Musta had too much rosehip wine last night!!

looked like this last summer

we love pink
And these

deck flowers
deck flowers
deck flowersI was partying with soon to be pink up there

looked liked this (top to bottom = left to right) last summer.

deck flowers last summer
I can't wait to start planting again! And then the lovely weather will come and then I'll live on my flowery deck...

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  1. So that's why it's raining so much...shesh..