Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Broken Brain...apparently

So, I wrote a bunch of posts (they're down there) and I didn't click post. Apparently I clicked save.

Yeah, that's the kind of week it's been for me. The big, crazy event was over on Wednesday night, and now, exactly a week later, I'm just starting to emerge from the stupor. I can't even figure out what the point of this post on the first day of summer is or if I've even finished it.

I'm really hoping life will calm down a little bit now...but I could just be wishing for something silly. We have company today until Saturday. There's a girls night get together, hopefully on the deck, on Friday night. We're visiting Alex's parents on Saturday. I have to work and I'm making Alex come with me on Sunday and then next Saturday we're having a bunch of people over. is never going to get any quieter.

Oh well, at least we're not bored!

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