Thursday, June 14, 2007

Small World Coincidences

In Guiding there are lots of campfire songs that make people happy, drive people crazy, make people cry etc etc. It's A Small World enjoys a love-hate relationship with lots of Guiders - it's easily overused, but it is also very representative of the Guiding movement.

Blah blah blah Shannon, get to the point...

So, tonight was my last Italian class and we had a bit of a party with food and loud Italian music and the tarantella. We also had an opportunity to talk to some of our classmates and have a real conversation with them because we were saying more than just "My name is..." and "My eyes are..." and "My job is..."

One of the ladies was asking me how I got to do most of my travelling and I generally mentioned Guiding, but when I said something about the Alps, she said, "Oh! Our Chalet. I think I can still sing the song."

So we started talking and she was a girl and adult member of Guiding and now that she's retired, she wants to be a leader again. At this point, another woman jumped in and said, "I'm a Guide leader. Want to be part of my group? We're always looking for more leaders."

In the conversation that ensued, we discovered that I had actually trained the second lady a few years ago. I thought she looked vaguely familiar, but she works at the university, so I didn't really think anything more of it.

All of which leads me to's a small world....

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