Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trading the crazy life for the quiet life

Two and a half years ago, I traded my job at busy, bursting downtown company for a job in a quiet office that used to be the stables and likely the stable hands' accommodation for a huge manor house that now belong to the University.

I realized fairly quickly that life was a little slower and a lot quieter out on the point. Downtown seems so loud to me now, I wonder how I worked down there for so long.

This morning I had the treat of venturing downtown in rush hour. I'd forgotten how long it takes to cross the bridge. I'd forgotten how crowded the bus gets. I'd forgotten how people dress downtown.

See, I ride a crowded, busy bus every day. Usually I feel overdressed. Or at least like one of the most dressed up ones on the bus. This time of year, I blend in. There are very few meetings, so I'm often as casual as the students.

Today I felt conspicuously under dressed and out of place. I'd forgotten about the world of suits, nylons, and high heeled shoes. I'd forgotten about the purses and briefcases women carry, most very pretty, but also impractical when you have to walk a long way.

When I finally got back to the quiet, deserted campus, I realized how much I enjoy the place where I work and how little I miss working downtown.

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