Friday, June 15, 2007

Holey Socks

As part of my attempt to rid our house of unnecessary STUFF, I've been sorting through my clothes. Why is it that I never have anything to wear, yet I could start my very own, fully stocked consignment store with the things I have in my house? Anyway, they are currently being sorted into garbage, Sally-Ann, winter, wait a month, and right now clothes. Wait a month is because I'm still fighting with the effects of crashing down the stairs. The biggest pile by far is the Sally-Ann pile. If when the summer stuff goes away in the fall I find things I haven't worn at all, they're going too. But socks are taking over the garbage pile. Seems almost every fun pair of socks I have has a hole in at least one toe. There are a few I'll try to mend, but I think I should just stick to plain, old, one-colour socks. I might get somewhere doing that!

It would probably be more comfortable too. My sock, that had only *one* hole in it (where you insert your foot) this morning, is now cutting circulation to my big toe off.

I hate that!

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