Thursday, June 07, 2007

Flood Watch

Every morning this week, the front page of the paper has carried stories about first the predicted flooding and now the flooding itself as BC rivers fill to overflowing. There are evacuation orders, official states of emergency, tireless volunteers, and worried residents.

It's not fire, but when I pick the paper up every morning, I get the same knot in my throat and stomach that I had during the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire in 2003. Water doesn't normally seem as dangerous as fire, but in such huge quantities, it's just as scary.

My family is safe this time, but my thoughts are with the people who live around the rivers, streams, and creeks, with the people who must drive on highways that are in danger of a mudslide, with the volunteers and emergency workers who are working hard to sandbag people's threatened homes and businesses.

I hope this is over soon.

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