Sunday, June 24, 2007

Half marathon recovery brunch

Team Hardcore and soon-to-be-cousin Tom ran in the Half Marathon this morning. Kelsey says it was hot to begin with, but I woke up to a thunderstorm and Kelsey came home shivering, but with a personal best time. After some tea and a shower, Alex, Kelsey, and I went to meet Harmony and Tom at Tomato.

Tomato recently moved to Broadway from Cambie where it had lost all kind of business because of the Cambie line construction. Our waitress was still in slow mode - brunch took almost two hours. Kelsey and Tom celebrated their insanity with Cesars. And the sun came out.

kelsey's post race cesar
tom's post race cesar
And then it rained again...all over the people here for Greek Day. And then sun came out again. And then it rained again. And just now, Alex and I were sitting at the kitchen table watching ANOTHER thunderstorm...this weather is nuts!

greek day

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