Saturday, February 13, 2010

And it starts...

The Olympics opened last night - we watched the ceremony and there is some major excitement at our house. We were at the torch relay the night before too (I'll post some pictures later).

They opened on a bit of a sad note because of the training death of Nodar Kumaritashvili. I saw the video footage on the news just as it happened and wow, it was horrific and sad.

But grrr. Protesters are in downtown Vancouver rioting, destroying things, including smashing the windows of the Bay, and intimidating people on the streets.

I'm not concerned so much about protesters - I have no problem with them protesting, here or elsewhere. What drives me nuts is that they seem to think they can break the law and they are somewhat cowardly about it as most of them have masks covering their faces. I heard an interview with one of them and she kept saying their violence wasn't a problem, it was small; the problem was the police who were violent in arresting the people. She also said their disruption of downtown was nothing compared with the disruption VANOC is forcing on people by virtue of hosting the Olympics. Ummm...VANOC gave us seven years notice that there would be two weeks of disruption and change in Vancouver. These guys show up and start smashing downtown and they think that comes close to even preparing?!

Yeah, I'm a bit riled's amazing how a small group of people (they say there's maybe a few hundred of them) can ruin things for a larger group of people. Protesters, go away...or at least protest in a lawful manner.

That's all.

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