Sunday, February 28, 2010

With Glowing Hearts

It's over. It was great. I'll miss it. But I'll be glad to get back to the real world.

Today was incredible! We met up with my sisters and watched the hockey game at a restaurant on Broadway and Burrard. The crowd was into it. The streets were empty. It was insane! J cheered and cheered and waved her flag (we know she doesn't really understand, but hey, she had fun!). When Crosby scored that goal, the place went nuts. Absolutely nuts. And that was just the beginning. We paid our bill, sang the anthem when the hockey players got their medals and then walked across the Burrard Street bridge waving our flags.

And I have very little voice left.

Downtown was insanity! The streets were the opposite of empty and everyone was having a blast!

We returned to Rebecca's house via the no car Cambie Street bridge for the Closing Ceremonies on their big "screen." And I have to say I quite enjoyed the mime helping Catriona Le May Doan light her piece of the cauldron from the opening ceremony and the whole segment that was all about poking fun at Canada and Canadian stereotypes.

What a off to bed super early and back to reality tomorrow.

And then...on March 12...the Paralympics!

PS pictures will be posted tomorrow...too tired tonight!

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