Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Weekend Out and About

My parents came to town for the weekend to take in some of the Olympic festivities. We had a great time just being tourists.

vvl mmc pfh not sure what it all means but it's obviously very important and very official

italian-canadianItalian-Canadian? Problem solved!

cheerleaderour cheerleader, decked out in Miga-wear

plushenkoI stole this from Kelsey. We had dinner at Yew at the Four Seasons and Evgeny Plushenko showed up. We clapped. Kelsey stalked him to get a blurry picture of his back. It's all good!

bobsled familythe whole gang in the bobsled

count down clock counting upcount down clock counting up

welcome worldwelcome world

ksquaredKelsey and Kamiah

ski jumper Alex the ski jumper

the flameTHE Flame

go canada go
live city yaletownLive City Yaletown from the Granville Street Bridge

lasersEnglish Bay lasers and the Burrard Street Bridge

don't do itJ and I met my parents and my aunt and uncle and hung out on Granville Island on Saturday. We went to the Place de la Francophonie for lunch. This sign was outside the door as we went in.

cokeAnd here's our drinks...I was going to take pictures, but forgot because I was hungry, but we got food, there was a stroller parking area and pretty much everyone was in outside shoes, many that were not soft soled!

stilt dancers
dancing on bop's shouldersJ loved the stilt dancers and danced away on Bop's shoulders!

flamenco on stilts
patriotic puppypatriotic puppy

s j and mkWe met my friend Mary Kay from Virginia (who I met at Our Chalet) for dinner. She was here with her fiance Kory (who we also met) and her mom and sister for her third straight Olympics. We said goodbye to them and they went off to a hockey game - their second of the day!

no women's ski jumpingWe weren't sure if these signs were suggesting women's ski jumping has no place in the Olympics or protesting that they aren't in the Olympics this time...this was other indicators around.

all eyes on canada
don't even think about parking
olympic only lane
What a weekend...we need a weekend to recover I think! And there is still almost a week of Olympics left and two weeks of Paralympics!

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