Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh yeah, the torch!

I said I'd post pictures of the torch relay at UBC and here we are, two days before the Olympics are over and I'm just getting to it...

mittens readymittens are all ready to go!

the crowdthe crowd gathers in the pouring rain

alexander and the giant umbrellaAlexander and the giant umbrella

sleeping fanGuess who slept through the cheering, yelling, horn honking, flash mobbing and concert playing?

sisters in the rainShannon and Rebecca in the rain (this is very different from our Calgary Torch Relay experience!)

torch bearer bustorch bearer bus

cheering kidscute cheering kids

torch bearertorch bearer - and it's still lit despite the horrible rain

police escortpolice escort

police escortmore police escort

bookstore cheering squadbookstore cheering squad

j and auntie rebarJ's awake now. And the rain stopped. And it's all over. Figures!

It was fun even if it was wet! What an exciting time for us Vancouverites!

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