Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coupon clipper

That's what I've become...a coupon clipper. And a flyer fiend.

I've found two awesome coupon sites - they're free and they deliver the coupons right to your mailbox - GoCoupons and I think GoCoupons is my favourite because we've become huge yogurt consumers and they have coupons for our favourite brand as well as pasta and toilet paper coupons. is good because it is always changing and has a bigger variety of things. But there's a lot on there that we don't use - like insulin monitors.

As for the fliers...We plan our weekly menu and then I make the grocery list. And then I get out the computer, download the two neighbourhood grocery stores' weekly flyers and away I go. Some weeks it makes sense to just shop at one store, other weeks it makes sense to shop at both.

I never really planned my shopping before, but there are something I just never ever ever would pay full price for - toilet paper, tissue and bread being the main ones. Meat, chicken and fish too, since something is always on sale. Now though, between the coupons (which you can use on already sale priced stuff since the sale price is the store's discount and the coupon price is the manufacturer's discount) and the sale price, sometimes I save up to 1/3 of the bill!

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