Thursday, February 25, 2010

The most bizarre sensations

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So, I’ve been for four acupuncture sessions now and wow, some of the sensations are bizarre! I haven’t noticed any changes yet, apart from an unconscious change in serving size when I serve my meals – smaller, not bigger.

The last couple of times I’ve been certain there were still needles in my feet when she was done, but no, they were all gone. The strangest thing is that the sensation of needles being in my feet increases the longer the needles have been out. As they are inserted I feel either pressure from the acupuncturist’s fingers or a slight pinch as it goes in. Once they’re in I don’t really notice that they’re there, but when she takes them out, wow, sometimes I really feel like they’re still there!

There are other crazy sensations too – the ones she puts in my abdomen sometimes make it feel like there’s a baby in there kicking (which there most certainly isn’t!)…the ones in my arms make my arms feel heavy…the ones in my legs seem to be “talking” to each other…sometimes they just kind of buzz. It’s good.

It’s only been three weeks…we’ll see if changes start happening!

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