Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jocie sleep Mommy-Daddy bed

I think J is cutting her two year molars. She just finished cutting her eye teeth and cut them one.after.another. That's right. About a month of constant teething. I really should buy shares in Tylenol!

Last night it took almost three hours to settle her down once she went to bed. She was quiet (which means singing, talking and reading) for the first hour and then the howling started.

In I went and sure enough, "Mommy owie mouth" with both hands jammed in her mouth, as far back as possible. So we got some Tylenol and settled into the rocking chair. And just as she was about to nod off, she'd sit up straight and say "Jocie sleep Mommy-Daddy bed!" Finally I was tired enough that I figured lying down would be okay so off we went to Mommy-Daddy bed. Where J decided it was time to party. So back we went to her room.

Usually when this happens that's it. We don't hear from her again. Except last night, or rather, this morning. At 4:30. Same thing except she didn't complain about teeth. She was thirsty. And she inhaled her water and then the "Jocie sleep Mommy-Daddy bed" chant started. At 5:30 I finally got her back into bed with just some whimpering, not the full out screaming that we'd had for the last hour and dragged myself back to bed.

Of course at 7:15 when I went to get her up (she got to sleep in a bit because I decided I also should get to sleep in a bit) she didn't want to get out of bed.

And interestingly all morning she told me (and went in and woke Alex up to tell him) that "Jocie sleep Mommy-Daddy bed" like it was a definite event. Not a 90 second experiment that just didn't work!

And the sudden obsession with our bed? I am guessing maybe it's the new bed with new fancy bedding? She's never really slept in our bed. Like a grand total of less than ten times, maybe even less than five times, since she was born!

It is almost Friday...right?

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