Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Woohoo – private yoga class!

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My yoga instructor was a bit late for yoga today. Only two of us showed up and the other woman decided she’d go for lunch instead of sticking around for the class. So I had the instructor all to myself!

And I think I’m going to feel it tomorrow. We did a lot of abdominal work – something I need since I really don’t think that part of my body has recovered completely yet from the c-section I had almost two years ago! I have muscle tone there again, but my tummy is lopsided and certainly a little worse for the wear from the incision.

I was a bit apprehensive about having the instructor all to myself. I’ve only ever had a private yoga class once before and it was because no one else showed up and happened to be a day that our instructor was away so I ended up with a sub. It was okay, but I decided I preferred a group setting.

But after today’s class, I would love love love to do private yoga more often – I still really like the group setting because sometimes I feel like I push myself harder because there are others in the room, but today I really felt like the instructor pushed me harder than she normally would.

And that was totally great!

She got me to hold things longer and because it was just me, I knew she watching and when I started to shake or grimace, she’d make me hold just that little bit longer. And I could do it. I didn’t give in to gravity; I had to prove to her that if she pushed me, I could do it!

Since there’s no way I could afford to take private yoga classes regularly, I’m just to have to hope I can tell myself that I did this time, so the next time I should have no problem holding the plank 15 seconds longer or staying in a high lunge for a few more seconds without dropping my knee.

And I feel awesome too! My day had been kind of blah, but that was exactly what I needed to make it way better!

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