Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Twelve Week Program

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(written yesterday).

Through my Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) at work I had the opportunity to participate in a twelve week lifestyle changing program.

For the past, oh, seven or eight years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for employers who provide extended benefits and those benefits have always included access to the EFAP program. I don’t know about you, but I always thought the EFAP program was just to get emergency access to a counsellor. Turns out it’s not. There are all kinds of interesting programs for all aspects of your life – resources for expectant and new parents, information about childcare and eldercare, support groups (online and in person) for people dealing with addiction, depression and other health issues and this little twelve week program I decided to sign up for.

It involved a work book, some exercises to complete and then a few telephone sessions with a lifestyle coach bases on the exercises. I checked it out on line and people seemed to have positive things to say about it. I was pretty excited – it looked really good.

And parts of it were great! The exercises were good – a health assessment, a stress map and goal setting. I’ve found that all three have been beneficial lately. I’ve taped my goals inside my notebook and when ever I feel like I’m stuck or going in the wrong direction, I take a look at those goals and find it’s actually pretty easy to get back on track, or that I wasn’t actually off track, maybe just plateauing…

The program focuses on making changes not just to your diet and exercise levels to help you lose weight but on changing other aspects of your life (stress levels, relationship and work issues, time management, etc) to become healthier overall. It sort of looks at weight loss as an inevitable, but positive, side effect.

But the lifestyle coach. Well she was just okay. And by okay I mean that I get the same, if not better, support and advice from my friends and husband. And coming from a lifestyle coach didn’t make me any more or less inclined to follow her advice.

And the work book. Well, it looks good. I’ve read it, but it really wants me to journal. And I haven’t. Not for lack of a journal. Because I have a whole shelf of blank journals screaming to be written in. But because I don’t have time haven’t made time to sit down and do it.

I was really excited because I thought I’d have lots to blog about by following this program, but so far, not really.

So (and internet you need to help hold me to this) this week I have resolved that I will start journaling just like the book wants me to.

Really. Wish me luck!

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