Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sleep laughing

I want to sleep laugh. My yoga instructor just told us a little sleep laughing story. She was recently on a vacation and shared a room with a friend, who told her she laughs a lot in her sleep.

I want to sleep laugh. I think sleep laughing is probably an indication of a pretty happy person.

Maybe I do sleep laugh. I can't see myself when I sleep because I'm sleeping! and a bulldozer could work next to Alex when he's sleeping and it wouldn't wake him up, so I don't even have anyone to ask if I do sleep laugh.

But I want to.

That's all.


  1. Tape recorder? iPhone app? have a girls' night at a hotel? I want to sleep laugh too! The only reports I hear, though, are about snoring - length, noise level, obnoxiousness of, etc.

  2. I'm pretty positive I don't laugh...I think I'm too exhausted when I fall into bed to laugh in my sleep! I do talk though - Alex told me I was calling J to come play on the swings or something the other night when he came to bed!