Friday, June 25, 2010

Procrastinating using the Next Blog Button

Ages ago when my job was one that was insane for weeks on end and then dead for weeks on end, I used to entertain myself in those quiet periods with the Next Blog button up there at the very top on the left.

My job is not like that anymore. No way.

Right now though the project I'm working on, while a big project, is B-O-R-I-N-G. It involves files (and filing is one of my least loved tasks) and it has a very wishy washy deadline. A deadline that is looming, but I know that with the small amount left to do, I could probably do it all in one day. And I have about six weeks. See the problem? And then when this project is done. Well. I'm not sure.

But anyway. Back to the Next Blog button.

I was procrastinating the end of my lunch break away as I have been doing all week. And I've been frustrated with the Next Blog button of late. It used to be that it took you to recently updated blogs (ie in the last few hours). This week I felt like I was lucky if the posts were less than a week old! Today though, I got mostly stuff written in the last week, but it was mostly about jewelry (making it for fun or profit, selling it, historical information) and fashion. It was very strange.

I found a lot of fun blogs through the Next Blog button, but looking back at the last little while, anything new I'm reading regularly, I found either by typing something random into Google and doing a blog search or from a link someone posted on Facebook or from the blog rolls on those blogs.

It's too bad. It was kind of neat to read random blogs!

Enough procrastinating now...back to the files and today's even bigger, more important, special job: business card ordering. Oh I lead an exciting life sometimes!

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