Sunday, June 06, 2010

Slow cooked itself to death...

Why is it that things die just AFTER the warranty expires? Our slow cooker had a nice three year warranty. And we used our slow cooked a lot.

We had slow cooker food for dinner tonight. MMmmm...Martha's beans and chicken. Even J will eat (small portions of) this meal - it's a bit spicy. The strange thing about this meal was the slightly burnt tomato smell. But it didn't taste burnt to me or to Alex and it didn't look burnt. Anyway, I lifted the cooled ceramic insert out and filled it with water to clean it. Then I looked in the base. Ummm...burnt on goo. Not sure how it got there.

Well, I cleaned the insert, turned it over to wipe the outside and there was that same burnt on goo (but it wasn't charcoal crispy like in the base, just gooey). Cleaned it up and then ran my hand along the bottom of the insert.

Sure enough there was a crack.

A big crack.

A crack that could only have come from hot hitting cold or vice versa. Except that because I'm scared of ceramic explosions I only ever put cool stuff into the cool cooker. No hot into cold. No hot insert on the cold counter or in the cold sink. The insert stays in the cooked until it's cold.

So tomorrow the search for a new insert begins. I hope I can find one because we use our slow cooker a lot. And I checked. It's an expensive slow cooker (wedding gift!) and I don't really want to replace it.


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