Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three things (borrowed from somewhere else)

Three names you go by: Shannon, Mommy, Mommia (this is a new one that started, along with Daddy-o in the car on the way home from k-town on Monday)

Three things you are wearing right now: substitute wedding ring, running shoes, assortment of newish and old clothing

Three things you want very badly at the moment: About six extra hours in the day so I can sleep more, some company in my office, the elves to paint my entire house overnight and leave it spotless too

Three things you did last night: Read Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (yes, I really did read a cookbook and I'm very excited about it even thought it is Alex's birthday present), did the dishes, did a few loads of laundry. What can I say, I lead a very, very exciting life!

Three people you last talked to on the phone: Alex, Rebecca and a former work colleague. Too bad it's not four because a crazy lady called me yesterday. She works for the same institution as I do and she wanted to know who to talk to about her name and business name and phone number being on the website inappropriately. Well, not me for starters. But as the conversation progressed and I tried to figure out exactly what website (the main one, a department, a special event etc) she meant, I decided she didn't really mean a website. She meant the internet. The INTERNET. And somehow she thought that someone here could help her with that. I sent her to a department that deals with stuff like this (sort of) and she wanted to make sure I wasn't sending her to the Equity Office. Very confusing. And confused. Oops. Tangent. Sorry.

Three things you are going to do tomorrow: YOGA! meet with my boss, drop J off at daycare

Three of your favourite drinks: water, Earl or Lady Grey tea, a good cup of coffee

Three things that made you smile today: J patting the floor beside her for me to come and sit and read her a book which I did even though I was trying to get breakfast made, a card from Alex for a special day, a quick visit from my former co-worker (my office is lonely. come visit!)

What are your three things today?!?!

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