Monday, June 06, 2011


I'm supposed to be watching the Canucks game, but I can't watch...I've felt somewhat sick to my stomach since the first five minutes when Horton hit the ice. I don't care about the "was it late or wasn't it", the "was it a legal hit or wasn't it", I just hate seeing players not moving on the ice. I felt a little better when the CBC announcers announced that the Bruins said he was in hospital and moving all his limbs, but it was still scary.

And now I can barely watch the game. Which is probably a good thing since they're trailing 4-0. I'm hoping we'll tighten the score before the game is over and maybe win games 4 and 5...Stanley Cup win at home? YES PLEASE. [I can hear the's on in the other room and I keep dashing in to see what's happening]

I also haven't done a menu plan yet today because ugh. It's summer here finally. And our place faces due west. It's hot.

And I hate making food in the summer. So if you have any suggestions for toddler friendly, warm weather food, I'd love to hear them....please. Or we'll be eating granola and yogurt all summer.



  1. I turned it off after the first goal. I couldn't stand it! That hit was scary for sure. Just seeing him lying there not moving...shudder.

    The only thing I can suggest for summer foods is chopping fruit ahead of time and lots of salads! Maybe a quinoa salad?

  2. Ooooh...J might eat quinoa...I'll try that...she didn't eat it last year, but the salad I usually made has black beans in it and she loves those all of a sudden...I'll do a quinoa search. I need to get prepared otherwise I see a summer of fruit (which is good) and peanut butter and jam sandwiches (which will get OLD very quickly!)

  3. I HATE making food in the summer, too! wait a sec, I hate cooking all the time, lol! It's just much worse in the summer.

    Thanks for following us on Twitter. Wow, you've been blogging for a while. I'm off to look at more!