Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mixed Up Menu Week

I planned my menu on Monday. Really. And I went grocery shopping. But the Stanley Cup Finals are happening and, who knew, that means life has been wholly unpredictable and strange.

This was the plan on Monday, updated today.

Monday: Nachos with taco meat, beans, salsa and homemade guacamole, coleslaw, chicken strips, homemade hummus with pita chips and veggies. Extras: beer, quesadillas, pb&j for toddlers who didn't understand why we weren't all yelling GoCanucksGo. By the time it was time to eat, we didn't want to but knew we should. Somehow it was the meat and the veggies that got knocked off the list first

Tuesday: Leftovers - sort of...I cooked the taco meat and we had slapped together quesadillas before going to the pool. Toddler wanted to know why there was no hockey tonight.

Wednesday: Perogies. Hockey play off food. Likely more nachos, maybe that coleslaw from the other night, more hummus and hopefully some veggies. Oh and probably beer. But it won't be salty from sad tears. I hope.

Thursday: Salmon Perogies with veggies and coleslaw (regardless of the outcome of tonight's game, I'm done with grocery stores for a few days...somehow I've been to the store every day this week)

*Friday: Homemade pizzas

*Saturday: Something quick for J and her sitter, out for me and Alex

*Sunday: Probably burgers for Father's Day but it depends on whether or not Alex's family is over...

*Subject to being totally tossed out the window for a Stanley Cup Parade

Next week, back to normal. For more (less wishy-washy, hockey dependent) menu ideas, check out I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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