Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On giving up…for now

I’ve been looking for the perfect coffee table for our place since we moved in – three years ago! I recently decided that what I had in mind was just not going to work for our little family right now and instead I’d go to one of the many thrift shops and find something solid and that would do for now. Interestingly the coffee table isn’t on my list of 101 things in 1001 days but most of the rest of the projects for our condo are…oh well…

This weekend was Father’s Day and my father-in-law’s birthday and we had Alex’s family over for cake and coffee. Probably when the cake came out and there was nowhere for anyone to put their plates, I mentioned that I had given up my search and would be headed to the thrift shop this weekend in search of something functional.

We got home last night to find a message from my father-in-law on our answering machine…he had been out at his favourite second-hand store (VV) and he found a solid oak coffee table for us. And two end tables. And they were cheap. And on top of that it was Seniors’ Day.

Tonight he arrived at our house with three tables. That he got for about $40. And now we have a coffee table. But I need some help with the end tables. One had a natural home. The other we thought might work as a bedside table but it’s too big. I’m a bit wary of putting it down in our storage room because, well, it’s damp. And wood and damp don’t go well together.

Here’s the before:

before coffee table1
before coffee table2
And here’s the after:

after coffee table1
after coffee table2

We’re getting rid of the sewing table between the chair and the rocking chair – it’s just too big. Does anyone see a spot I may have missed where the second end table can go? It’s the same size as the one between the two chairs….

There is actually a bit more open space in the living room now because I had to move everything a bit closer together and the living room doesn’t feel cramped…that’s a good thing, right?


  1. Oh Damn! I could have given you a table! I have it at the end of my bed right now cause I don't know what else to do with it.

    It's dark wood and has a lip..(so things don't roll off) If you hear of anyone else needing one let me know!

    Looks good the way you have set it up!!

  2. Too bad...I'm not convinced on these tables, mostly because I'm so not used to having them that I've walked into the coffee table about ten times already. They've barely been in our place 12 hours and I was sleeping a big chunk of that time...Oh, and they look like they came from 1992. But they work. And J can't wreck them. And they're sturdy. Alex's dad picked up the end tables so that when we decide we're done with them we have a complete set and can sell then...thoughtful man, hey!

    You should put your table on craigslist...I can't believe the response I've already had for the sewing table that used to be where that end table is! I just took a look at what similar types of tables were listed for and listed it...I figure I can drop the price if I have to but I think I've already had four people ask about it!