Thursday, June 16, 2011

What a nightmare

When I left my office yesterday, I was excited about the Stanley Cup Final. I knew Vancouver had a chance to win and I knew that Boston also had a chance to win. The cup wasn't coming to stay in Vancouver without a fight. And the Canucks just didn't have as much fight as the Bruins. And yeah, that was disappointing. It's been an incredible year with an incredible run in the playoffs and the Stanley Cup would have been the cherry on top. But it wasn't to be last night. So there's always next year.

We sat around the living room looking dejected and a small voice in the bath tub kept saying why aren't the cars making GoCanucksGo honks? Just to rub it in a little. J is disappointed that she has to wait until after she starts at her new daycare before we get to watch hockey again, but she'll get over when she figures out all the fun stuff that happens in the summer.

Then we heard reports of rioting starting. Already. The fans in the arena had barely stopped booing Gary Bettman. The Bruins were just starting their victory skate. The interviews hadn't really happened.

Not winning the Stanley Cup was disappointing and there may have been a few tears shed over that, but what happened next sickened me. I thought I'd put J to bed and then get on with life. But instead we put J to bed multiple times and stayed up way too late staring at the tv screen in disbelief. At midnight I packed it in. I was exhausted from the entire day. That was when we realized we hadn't seen any interview with any players from either team, except one from Henrik Sedin. And guess what, he certainly wasn't talking about the hockey game.

I hoped that the nightmare I watched unfold was just a bad dream and when I woke it would be over. Or it had never happened. Or maybe it was Wednesday morning again.

This morning there were idiots like this guy bragging about the horrible things they did last night.

stupid brock anton

Which at least was tempered by all the volunteers who went down to help clean up. Look, thousands!

facebook vancouver clean up

If I didn't have to be at work today, I'd be down there with them. This is my city and I don't want to see it destroyed or abused the way it was last night. I feel sick today. And sad. And I get upset and angry when I look at the pictures and videos...I've stopped. It's ridiculous. And yes, I wished we had won the Stanley Cup, but there's always next year.

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