Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 24: Finish what you started

Like maybe this post?

I started this on Friday and here it is Tuesday and I'm just finishing it...the story of my life!

So, this week Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie said she’d be hard on us. She shared a story of The Bearded Iris who is having trouble finishing her projects and asked “Can you relate?” That's the question.


The tips? Finish what you started. Break things down into manageable chunks. Reevaluate and, if necessary, rewrite the list of 52 projects.

Can I relate?

Oh yes, I certainly can and I do.

And then I took out my list. Which I’ve now revised because, really, some of the things on the list were just too big and I’d start doing them and not feel like I'd finished everything. Some of those things I've started many times, almost finished many times and then never got around to actually finishing and had to start all over again.

I realized as I redid the list, some of the things were getting done but the reason they weren't being crossed of was because the project was too big. You'll see the shelves in our bedroom are all listed one by one. That's because it takes 5-10 minutes to do a shelf and I have a toddler. Sometimes I can do three or four shelves at a time and sometimes I'm lucky to get through one. But part of the reward (for me) is crossing something off, so I gave each shelf its own line. (There will be a post on those shelves soon because I'm almost done!) There are more than 52 things on my list right now, but that's okay. Because I still think they're entirely doable!

I also really need to take note of Laura's tip to have a box for things that belong elsewhere and to put them back at the end. I did that this weekend and it really made a difference in how much time I took to do stuff! YAY! With summer here (I hope) I don't want to spend too much time organizing my house...I want to go outside and play with J!

So my little goal for myself is to try to finish one thing on my list during the week and one on the weekend. I know it's summer and that might not always work, but I'll try...and if by some amazing chance I complete more than one, then I'll do my happy dance!

Oh, and if I need any motivation, all I have to do is look at my house. It fell to ruins during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I was really, really busy with the very important task of cheering on the Canucks. Last week when the time came to restore some order to our abode, the spots that I've already organized (like this one) took mere minutes to tidy. I want my whole house to be like that!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I also enjoy crossing things off my list. Breaking it into smaller tasks like Laura suggests is hard for me. When I start something, I want to get it done. Too bad that doesn't always work for me.

  2. Yay for crossing jobs off your list! I can't wait to see the shelves you organized. I'm almost finished with the one I am trying to do this week. I really like how you made your list into a post; how organized of you! I think I am going to do the same thing.

  3. @Forgetfulone - I like to just get the job done too, but I'm coming to realize that's probably not a reality in our house (my daughter is almost 3...it's taken me that long to realize that I need to break things into smaller chunks...)

    @Sarah - It's so nice having it online - that way I can't lose it! And it's somewhat public so I feel a little more accountable!