Sunday, July 29, 2012

Exploding Skies

As we found out the hard way last year, the Celebration of Light/Symphony of Fire/whatever the heck it’s called this year is loud enough that you can hear it very well from our apartment. If you stand on our bed, on your tippy toes, you can maybe catch a glimpse of some of the really high fireworks. But back to the loud…it’s loud enough to rouse our sound sleeper and either freak her out or get her really excited and then it’s a bit of a challenge getting her to go back to sleep.

So, we decided to just skip bedtime last night and head down to Granville Island just like we did last year. We even dug the buggy out of storage and loaded our giant baby [well, really, preschooler], into it with some blankets.


not quite time

We got there a bit early – it was a lovely night! It was quite warm and it wasn’t nearly as crowded as it was last year.



J sat in the buggy for most of the show – she eventually wanted out and we went and sat on one of the benches. She was a bit concerned about the seagulls who were squawking their displeasure all over the place and she told all the people around us that the noise was scaring them (she was right…)



She also decided that she probably wants to go fishing. In False Creek. Right off Granville Island. The people sitting beside us convinced her there might be better places to go fishing – like the Queen Charlotte Islands or somewhere on Vancouver Island or anywhere a little less urban.



[See the birds flying around in protest?] After the people beside us left, J switched from wanting to fish to reassuring the fish that the noise would be over soon and the birds could go back to bed. Could they see the pretty fireworks under the water?



It was a lovely night…I hope she’ll be sound asleep before they start on Wednesday, because I’m not taking her out there alone…and they start way too close to my weeknight bedtime anyway!

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