Monday, July 23, 2012

Germany, the Netherlands, Belarus and China: Five people, a cat, a dog, and a house

Postcard from starfarer from Germany
Description: Schwalenberg Town Hall in Westfalia
I love this painted (and maybe carved?) building – so beautiful. This card came with a pretty unique stamp – it’s a scratch and sniff lemon!

Postcard from alida29 from the Netherlands
Description: From “Jip en Janneke” written by Annie M. G. Schmidt
This is the second Jip en Janneke card that we’ve received. I think they’re cute! This card also came with a Postcrossing stamp. It's the third one down on the right side if you click over to the Postcrossing site.

Postcard from currant_m from Belarus
Description: Belarusian national clothes. Costume of Liahavichy region.

Postcard from Xi6ao2ban from China


  1. Random tidbit about postage stamps: Switzerland was the first country to produce scratch-and-sniff stamps. It was chocolate scented and came in packages of foil to make the book of stamps look like an actual chocolate bar.

    Did I mention my ex worked for SwissPost, as did his parents?

    1. The Swiss do the little details so well...that stamp sounds VERY cool!