Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finland, The Netherlands & Taiwan: Berries, an elephant and a dock

Postcard from Leyla from Finland.

Description: None. But the back does say the card is a reproduction of a print from 1900 and it's part of the Post Museum collection. I thought it was holly except the leaves aren't holly and I can't read the signature at the bottom well enough to guess at the letters and google it.

Postcard from Hessel from the Netherlands.

Description: Elmer in the Wind (c) David McKee 1997. I think this is a charity card, but I'm no 100% sure. It was sent to us by a 3 year old and his mom. J was thrilled!

Postcard from EmmyAi from Taiwan

Description: This is Emmy's own photograph and it's of eastern Taiwan in the late morning. I think it's such a pretty and peaceful looking place...

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