Friday, July 20, 2012

Finland, the Netherlands, the USA and Russia

It was a busy mailbox day at our house today! Four postcards!


Postcard from pirkkomarja from Finland


Postcard from SuzieYama from the Netherlands

Description: SuzieYama and a friend made some postcards because there are no good, recent images of their city. These whales tails are at the end of the subway line. The back of the card also had something unique about it (as the words seem to say)

nl-1280429 back

This postcard took over a month to arrive from the Netherlands – that’s about double the average time for mail to and from Canada and the Netherlands. But this stamp might tell a bit of a story why – it’s dated June 28 and it’s a bit harder to make out in the scan but it seems to have Arabic (? correct me if I’m wrong) writing across the top and bottom. This stamp reminded me of a passport entry/exit stamp. I’m not sure how (if?) this card came to Canada via the Middle East, but it’s an interesting journey to think about!


Postcard from tikilights from the USA

Description: Toy Story 2. Concept art by Jill Culton

This one came with the following quote:
”It’s a lovely oddity of human nature that a person is more inclined to interrupt two people in conversation that one person alone with a book.”
     -Amor Towles, Rules of Civility


Postcard from Liza_Veta from Russia.

Αleksandr Grin "Scarlett sails"
Illustrations of Michael Bychova
Before it was none other than hiking Aigle - a famous collector of songs, legends and fairy tales

The following Russian text translated by Google translate (Anyone know if the last part is correctly translated? Not sure what it means. The problematic word seems to be Эгль)

Αлександр Грин "Αлые паруса"
Иллюстрации Михаила Бычова
Перед ней был не кто иной, как путешествующий пешком Эгль - известный собиратель песен, легенд, преданий и сказок

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