Tuesday, July 31, 2012

USA, Taiwan, USA–handmade cards and skylines


Postcard from jaybird02 from the USA

Description: Los Angeles, California




Postcard from Siaohuei from Taiwan

Description: Handmade! I think this card is pretty cool! The stamps are awesome too!




Postcard from rostti from the USA

Description: This card is also handmade – check out some of the old (and not so old) stamps. We had a great time looking at this card – there are three Canadian stamps of varying vintage. One is quite new ( you can tell because it’s got a P for perpetual stamp), but I’ve never seen it before. I love this card, it’s pretty awesome. I think the 5¢ Canada stamp, might be a Christmas stamp – I think the bottom half of it is in the upper left corner. J recognized the top of Moomin’s head in the bottom right corner!

And this one came with a Scouting stamp…so cool! My mailbox was super happy today!

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