Monday, July 30, 2012


19.7 Go on 10 "adventures"
53.1 Visit at least two of the places in Alex's day trips book

After J’s adventures Saturday night, we let her sleep in yesterday morning (she had a 3.5 hour nap Saturday, stayed up until midnight and slept until 9:30 Sunday…) and she had a quiet time after lunch, but she fell asleep a few minutes from home. She was zonked out by the time we made it to Steveston.

tired already

Our plan has been to get there early and visit the farmers’ market that is held every two weeks and then have fish and chips for lunch. But we have a fridge full of produce and not a lot of freezer space right now and we decided J needed some extra rest so we arrived in the afternoon instead of the morning, so we just browsed the market (we’re planning on going back – maybe in two weeks) and went straight for an early dinner.

fish and chips

J thought the fish shaped plates were kind of neat – even if the food slid around a bit more than normal.

After we ate we decided to go see what was happening in the metropolis of Steveston/Storybrooke. Alex and I both enjoyed Once Upon a Time and always spent part of the show exclaiming, “Hey, that’s ____” so it was cool to walk around and what little bits of Once Upon a Time had left their mark on the town.


Here’s Granny’s Diner, which is actually a law office. Behind the tree on the right is a sign painted on the building next door pointing to Granny’s Bed and Breakfast.

granny's aka law office

Our little bug glasses girl wasn’t so sure about this walking around town stuff, so we stopped into the museum/post office beside Granny’s.

bug glasses girl and dad

J was pretty excited that the tourist information centre was in there because she managed to procure one of her new favourite items…a map! Then we walked past the Storeybrooke Pet Shelter…

storybrooke pet shelter

…to the place I was most curious about, Mr. Gold’s Pawnbroker shop.

mr golds
We think that maybe this is the actual shop used in the show. If you go here, you’ll see that the wall paper and ceiling match and the canoe is in a few of the shots. I’ll have to see if I can get a better shot next time…

inside mr golds

His shop is even a member of the Storybrooke Retailers Association, but given that he is the most powerful person in town (sorry Regina), I’m sure he’d be a member in good standing no matter what!

storybrooke retailers association

We stopped by the toy store (which I think becomes a five and dime) so that J could give us some ideas for her upcoming birthday. She basically ignored everything in the store except the Brio train set. Then she and her dad tried on some goofy hats!

viking and cop

We saw the Storybrooke bread shop – it was busy. Maybe our next trip will include a stop there!

storybrooke bread

fter an ice cream break, we decided to take a walk to Garry Point and that brings us to Alex’s day trips book. Garry Point happens to be one of them!


We stopped along the way so that J could go for a bit of a wade and play in the sand – we were kind of surprised to see so many people swimming – the water looked pretty icky.

wet toes

J loved watching the kites. They’re pretty small specks in this picture, but it was a glorious day for flying a kite!


One the way back, J stopped to blow the fluff off the tops of all the dandelions…I guess she had a lot of wishes!

stop to smell the flowers

We will be heading back to Steveston soon I think. as we drove out of town, J noticed their massive playground and water park. So the list for next time:
  • more fish and chips
  • more ice cream
  • water park and playground (bring bathing suits!)
  • Mommy gets some time alone to browse the shops
  • J would like to try flying a (much smaller than the ones we saw today) kite
  • a visit to the farmer’s market and the bakery and maybe a visit to the London Heritage Farm
Definitely day trip worthy!

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