Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Penguin faces

J's best bud I, moved far away from Vancouver to Edmonton just before Christmas. J misses her tremendously and doesn't quite understand how far away I lives now, except that it's further away than Kelowna and that's five hours and that's a long time!

J (and her mommy) was super excited to find out that I and her family were here visiting friends the Canada Day long weekend. It was gross and rainy, so we decided to take advantage of their still-valid Aquarium passes and head inside to visit some fish and large mammals. Oh, and penguins. And a snake. The girls touched a snake. That was the most exciting thing ever for both of them!

look it's nemo

I's favourite fish by far was the clownfish. I think she's seen Finding Nemo, or at least she knows the story.


J hasn't seen the movie ever, but she does have the Disney book. We've only read it a few times, but now she talks about how much she loves Nemo and orange is her favourite colour so all the little Nemos at the aquarium are her favourites!


There were lots of kids activities set up, which was great. J and I decided they wanted to get their faces painted.


J has her eyeshadow painted on and now it's time for a mustache...

penguin girls

J and I, happy little penguin girls! And happy little friends. There were lots of hugs and J was quite sad to say goodbye to I and her family. She keeps asking if we have to move to Edmonton someday too...I told her no, we probably wouldn't, but maybe one day we'll visit!

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