Monday, December 06, 2010

Bring on Christmas!

I was a little Grinch-y on Friday. But I'm over that now.

I had a weekend meeting that I thought was going to be long and tedious and it turned out it was very productive, we had a nice time visiting, and we were extremely efficient.

I wanted to make gingerbread for the meeting, but even though the dough is made and in the freezer, the prospect of rolling, cutting, and baking just didn't appeal, so instead I made the Mars Bar Squares that Melynda posted on Friday. Apparently they were delicious

We decided on Saturday that our goal was to be finished by noon on Sunday. Alex and I figured that gave us just enough time to get downtown for the Santa Claus Parade. I've never been to the parade before even though I've lived here every single year it's happened (mostly because this meeting is an annual event and we're never done until early afternoon). Imagine how happy we all were when we were done by 10:30. And even with clean up and some post-meeting visiting, I was home by 11:00 (okay, so we live four blocks away, but still!)

I was surprised to find our house empty when I got there. Alex had taken J to the park we I left for the meeting and it was a bit chilly so I thought they would be home by then. Turns out they went Christmas shopping and then J fell asleep. So Alex decided to take advantage and keep looking!

We walked downtown with a goal of getting a spot in the last block of the parade. We haven't ever done something like this with J before and we wanted an easy escape route if necessary and something closer to home.

We managed to snag a great spot right by a tree. Unfortunately Alex had to stand, but he was okay with that.

pre=parade candy cane
Before the parade even started, J had managed to acquire a candy cane from the Ballet BC people. Her first of MANY as the afternoon progressed.

waiting for the parade to start
J was quite happy to wait quietly for the parade to start - there were so many people to watch (it probably helped that she woke up on the walk over so she was still a bit drowsy when we first got there)

The motorcycle drill team opened the parade and after that, for most of the rest of the parade, J kept asking when the motorcyclepolicecars were coming back.

look at THAT!
There was a lot of this "Look at THAT!" happening...

firetruck and a puppy
...particularly for the firetruck that had a puppy in it and firemen giving out more candy canes.

parade grand marshals
This was one of our favourite floats...and J was apparently a favourite of the people handing out treats - two of them stopped to give her chocolate. And not just one or two. I have a little stash that is bigger than the supply Santa usually leaves! Too bad I can't have chocolate...Purdy's is one of my favourites.

brrrr, you look cold
These girls looked so cold in their evening gowns....Too bad they didn't think to wear winter shrugs/shawls and long gloves.

After the dancers and tumblers came by J wanted to join the parade and "DO IT TOO!" I guess we'll be looking into toddler dance or gym classes the next time the community centre puts out their guide.

rudolph bus
As we drove in this morning, J wanted to know where the other buses' Rudolphs were. I'm sure she was a bit confused because when we got home last night, we Skyped with my parents and my dad showed her his car...all dressed up in Rudolph gear too.

ponies and carriage
One of J's favourite things to do right now is watch the Sound of Music - songs only. And in Do-Re-Mi Maria and the kids go in a horse-drawn carriage. Guess who always asks when she gets to do that? And guess who wanted to go get in the one in the parade, because, obviously, it was time for her ride! She particularly loved the ponies. There were lots of horses, but the ponies were her favourites.

And then Santa came. Followed by the hoards of people who had been watching for blocks and figured they should follow the parade to the end.

I would definitely sit at the end of the parade route again. We missed out on lots of the handouts, but that meant less stuff to drag home and less sugar for J. And, considering we were, oh, ten metres from the end of the parade, J got lots and lots of candy.

That's when I realized I was freezing...we had a few things to do, so we bundled J up and headed to the mall. WHAT? Were we nuts? We exchanged the one thing we needed to exchange and decided to do everything else some other time and headed back across the bridge for dinner.

And now, now I'm totally ready for Christmas! I kind of wish it would snow too!


  1. Hey Shannon - we have snow, lots of it! You are very welcome to it if you want it xx

  2. Thanks Sarah! Sure, send some our way! Snow would be a great improvement over the wet, rainy weather we're having. Are the schools still closed?

  3. Is it wrong that the best part of that post for me was the fact that J is watching Sound of Music? I have pictures from when I went to Mirabell Gardens (where they filmed Do-Re-Mi) standing about in all sorts of Sound of Music inspired poses...

    PS. Why won't the work computer let me log in to post?!? Grrrr.

  4. Nah, I love that she's so into the Sound of Music...she only watches the songs because the dialogue and story don't interest her right now, but she loves it. She asks for "The Singing Lady" when she wants to watch it! She did see the beginning of it once and in the first seen with The Captain, she told me "That man not very nice. That man grumpy. That man needs a nap." I'm sure it will be one of her favourites when she's a bit older.

    I'm having trouble logging in too - I have to log into blogger and then reload my blog (or the blog I'm trying to comment on) to get it recognize me. If I try and log in through the comments form, it just keeps telling me my name and password aren't valid.