Thursday, December 02, 2010

Maybe I'm not going crazy

I thought I was going crazy.

The healing crisis has passed, but I'm still grumpy and impatient. Even when I know I don't need to be. But I can't make it go away.

But, I've managed to connect with a few people who have all been very reassuring. Apparently this part lasts for a couple of weeks to an entire month. Eeep.

But at least I know I'm not going crazy.

And tomorrow I get to add cooked fruit and some raw veggies back into my life, so it's all good.

But an entire month? That brings me pretty darn close to Christmas. The grumpies better be gone long before that. (on a side note,I've been scouting out tasty-looking recipes on other people's blogs that we could have for Christmas pecan pie! We're doing a small Christmas dinner this year, only seven of us, so I have little bit of control over what there is to eat and I can easily find out what's in each dish.)

Anyway, the common suggestion is hot as soon as J goes to bed tonight, you know where to find me!

And thank goodness I'm not going crazy (or is that crazier?)

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