Monday, December 13, 2010

A little update on 101 in 1001

So, as usual, I'm way behind in updating 101 in 1001.

I'm just way behind in most things. 'Tis the season. Or not.

I've decided it's time to review my expectations of myself and not expect quite so much. And first on the list of not expecting quite so much is not necessarily updating 101 in 1001 AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS.


I will be blogging about these later...maybe tomorrow because tonight I have other things to do. So that I remember what I was going to blog about, I've got a quick update here...italics means in progress. No italics means done. If it's not here, I either haven't started it or I'm done and it's been blogged about. Go here for the full list.

Update begins now


1. Fit back into pre-tumble down the stairs clothes
The GAPS diet has helped this a bit, but I'm a tad concerned than when I do get to reintroduce grains and beans I might have a bit of a gain...I'm working hard to be prepared so that doesn't happen.

2. Enroll J in swimming lessons before she turns 3
She's enrolled. Lessons start in January. I'm not considering this complete until we actually complete the lessons.

7. Pack away all of J's clothes and things that are too small or too young for her
I think this is going to be an ongoing day it will be complete!

10. Really reconnect with an old friend
Oh yeah, this is happening. Stay tuned for details (they make take months to materialize) about a potential (VERY FUN) reunion with said "old friend"

11. Mail Christmas cards before December 24th
One can hope, right? It could still happen.

12. Get up every workday morning for a week without hitting the snooze button
OOooooh...I did today...maybe I can keep it up all week? We'll see!

13. Weigh less on day 1001 than on day 1
A direct quote from above (these are two different goals): The GAPS diet has helped this a bit, but I'm a tad concerned than when I do get to reintroduce grains and beans I might have a bit of a gain...I'm working hard to be prepared so that doesn't happen.

16. Update address book

This is an ongoing process, but once the book is free of post its, I will consider it updated. Even if it's only for a day or two!

21. Do an insurance inventory of the contents of our home
This is going to take forever! All the more reason to get rid of more stuff!

22. Get our 72 hour emergency kit properly stocked
Almost done!

25. Stick to our budget for Christmas gifts

So far, so good!

26. Write 10 thank you cards with J
We're at 5/10. Christmas should look after the rest!


31. Make gingerbread with J at Christmas
Gingerbread is we just need to roll it and cut it and bake it and decorate it. The dough is in the freezer, waiting for the perfect time...hopefully before Christmas...

36. Try 50 new recipes

They're here and I've tried 16/50 - the five new ones are cake and icing à la Martha, hummus à la Martha, Mars Bar squares, and almond bread (it's not as good as it sounds, but more on that later)

38. Eat at ten new restaurants or coffee shops [2/10]
Back in, oh, October and November. We don't get out much...obviously!

40. Decide what we're going to put on the clutter collecting wall in the living room and buy it/have it made
I think we've decided. Now we need to clear the stuff out of the space, put the current pieces of furniture on craigslist, and then go get the new furniture. Maybe in the spring.

44. Clear J's closet of the boxes from the move
I've done two boxes...we're getting there

50. Declutter 101 items to toss, give away, sell on craigslist or give to charity - they're all here [12/101]

I keep forgetting to take pictures or make note of what we've gotten rid of lately. But not to worry, I should still have little problem reaching 101!

57. Get an iPod and load all of our CDs onto it
It's ordered...

59. Have a dinner party one weekend a month for three months [1/3]
Does it count if we had four in two weeks in November?

62. Host a Christmas party
Done! It was fun...

Creative and writing
70. Knit a winter hat for J
Done...totally by accident! Oh knitting, how I missed you!

73. Blog about each one of the 101 things
It's happening...I'm just a little bit behind...

76. Send a special thank you letter just because

I'm still writing it...

77. Get the postcard section of the blog up to date

This could take a while...

79. Make a list of 101 beautiful things in my life
So could this....

Professional and Volunteering

88. Take a risk and take on a BIG challenge that is outside my comfort zone on the next project at work
Project isn't over yet...but risk is sort of taken...

90. Sponsor a family at Christmas

91. Find a new position within Guiding
This might have solved itself...I took on a project that will last past my end date, so I might have a new job...

92. Clear my personal email inbox - home and work
Every time I get two clear, the third one goes out of control. Soon...that is my goal!

Fun and Random Stuff
100. Put $5 in a special savings account for every item I cross off this list - 9/101 saved
It's growing...slowly but surely!

So that's that...I've now completed 9 of the 101 and have 28 in progress...we'll get there I'm sure!

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