Friday, March 17, 2006

increasing the stash

It has been decided. After much thought and debate and yarn fondling at the craft shop on Wednesday after work, the scrap of afghan I posted on Wednesday will begrowingyarnstash disassembled and the ball of yarn will be returned to the stash. For now. I have plans for it to be reincarnated, just in a non-afghan form. Instead I bought some very pretty mauves - 100% super soft, entirely washable acrylic. Turns out the colours were being discontinued and were discounted, so I bought all 12 balls....six of each colour. I know, there are only eight in the photo because I went back later to get the other four...I thought about them all night on Wednesday and decided they were probably like puppies and were really sad to be separated from their brothers and sisters and all of them would be much happier at my house. You never know, it could be a really, really, really big afghan or I could have some more yarn to add to the stash when I'm done the afghan.

It is coming along and resembles a bit of an edge of an afghan. It takes a LONG time to get to the end of the row though - there are a mere 234 stitches on the needles. wavy bits of knittingAnd it's so soft. I want to keep it, but I can't. I'd be drowning in an assortment of knit things that I may not ever use/won't ever fit me if I kept all the stuff I made that I wanted to keep even though it was made for someone else. And desk is still tidy. Maybe I've finally managed to train those pesky office elves to wreak havoc on other people's desks only and to stay far, far away from my desk. Not likely. I'm sure they'll be back soon!

Because I've set a deadline for finishing the afghan, I have resorted to knitting EVERYWHERE. At home, on the bus, while on the phone, in the car on the way to work (not to worry, I'm not hockey stardriving), on my breaks/lunch at work...everywhere. Last night I went to see Dion play hockey and I even took my knitting to the rink. And knit while I stood on the bench stomping my feet with everyone else, trying to keep warm. At least my hands were warm. And I didn't drop a single stitch!!! And when I mean everywhere, we went for spaghetti after the game and while we were waiting, out came the knitting. Thankfully my family understands the urgency of completing this particular project (or at least they're humouring me if they don't!) And I did watch the game - I even stopped knitting long enough to take pictures of Dion! It was really exciting because I don't think I have seen him play hockey since he was five! That's a long time. I'll be back at the rink with my knitting bright and early tomorrow morning!!