Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Knitting obsession revisited

At the beginning of February my left thumb and a kitchen knife got into a fight that resulted in a tetanus shot, plastic 3M scotch tape stitch things, and ultimately an inability to knit. Said thumb has now healed (as evidenced by the knitting by candlelight) and I thought maybe I should finish the unfinished Christmas gifts hanging out in the knitting basket.

Off to a great start, I finished the hat for the dark...

pretty hat

so I thought...okay, now to tackle the one and a half pairs of mittens left to finish...before summer arrives (or next winter)!

Of course, being me, I sidetracked myself (I am so far resisting the desire to make a cute new hat just for ME) by thinking hey, I should make a nice comfortable afghan for Alex's mom. So I started one...but I'm not sure about the colours and I think I need to get chunkier wool and bigger needles or it will be next January before I'm done it...oh and (as seems to be my new habit) it looks like it might be child sized instead of adult sized...a bit of a problem!

when i grow up i wanna be an afghan

But it's pretty and wavy and nice...someone will get it, one day! (and hey, my desk is tidy today...those pesky office elves haven't been in yet to mess it up!)

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