Wednesday, March 22, 2006

OOC Quotes

Chandra and I like to exchange crazy, but unique Out-Of-Context Quotes (OOC Quotes). We think some day they might make a very cool t-shirt line or something. Or maybe they simply serve to entertain us through the day.

a few of my favourites:

If they don't win, I think they might lose.

Boys make girls make noises they don't normally make.

I need to touch stuff.

I don't drink alcohol. I only like vodka.


  1. Aw geez Shan - go ahead and spread our secret ideas to the world. If I see people wearing "I NEED to touch stuff" shirts, I know who to blame missy! ;)


  2. well....maybe we should get started on the t-shirt...PRONTO! my sister has a silk screen :)

  3. You're hilarious! I want in on this shirt business by the way...can I put that on a t?