Wednesday, March 15, 2006

a place where strangers soon are friends

Today is the 15th Anniversary of Pax Lodge and I'm not there. Paula emailed me this morning to astrid shannon and paulasay she wished she could be there too. We were both at the 10th Anniversary and it was so much fun. I guess we can't really complain since we were just there in October for a reunion, but the song has it right...Pax Lodge will always be our home.

It's hard to explain to people who haven't worked at Pax Lodge exactly why Pax Lodge becomes so important or how the people you meet there change your life, but it does and they do. At risk of being called cheesy by Doreen, Pax Lodge isn't just a big white building, it is something more. Living and working there changes your life. And apparently it makes you REALLY excited when you get to go back for a visit (even if you miss the 15th Anniversary). So I'll go pout now and do my work...because even if I get on the next flight to England, I'll miss the anniversary...although somehow (YES, MORE CHEESE) maybe if you lived it, even if you're not there for the celebration you're part of it still...

okay, enough cheese, I'll go back to being serious now!

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